TizweHair - "BABY FIX"

Sale price149 kr

A take away or travel size of hair gel or whatever you want to call it! Super good to have with you. 

Easy to use anytime, anywhere to lay baby hair and remove ingrown hairs and style your baby's hair. Perfect to take with you to the party, school or on the trip.

100% Vegan, not tested on animals.

Contents: 10ml, Night light, Jojoba, Camellia, Water, Glycerin, Acrylic acid, Copolymer, Aroma

Made from natural plant ingredients, natural elastic moisturizing, not greasy, natural and safe to use, will not harm your hair. You can wear it in the evening but you can brush your hair the next day, it leaves a smooth surface on the hair so no hardened gel that you have to shower off. Easy to wash out and leaves no residue. 

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